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The Inspiration Deck - 50+ Best Video Examples

A curated list of 50+ best explainer video examples, company culture videos, product demo vides and more. Get a sneak peek into the videos we've created and what other B2B companies, SaaS products and YouTubers are creating.

Blue Bubbles vs Green Bubbles: Explained!

3 Irresistible Sales Pitch Examples to Win Customers

NFTs, Explained

Pandora Papers: Leaked Documents Expose Global Elite

The CIA’s Plot to Assassinate Julian Assange

Introduction to After Effects and Lottie in Webflow

Automated Workflow with PandaDoc

Intro to Pitch Pro | Learn about our premium offering

How to Align Elements in Canva with Ruler & Guides | Tip Talk 08

How to Enable and Use the Discord Overlay

The Formula Column | tutorials

Building an Inclusive Skate Community | Squarespace Presents

Rider Stories: Maurice & Liesbeth

PuzzleHR – Human Resources with PandaDoc

Hero Creative | Work Better With Canva | Canva

Tamia Fowlkes, College Student and Podcaster | Design Stories | Canva

Oscar powered by

Metalab x Notion: A homepage for every project

The World is Your Canvas | Adobe Photoshop

The World is Your Canvas | Adobe Photoshop

Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter

Google Workspace – How it’s done. – Google


We have a typo — Webflow

Friday afternoon “ask” — Webflow

Pitch: Collaborative presentation software for teams.

We Sent Wumpus Into Space

The making of:’s Big Game ad

Trello | Plan Together

Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Animals!” TV Commercial (60 second)

Introducing The Squarespace Guide to…

Meet the design tool from the future — Webflow

Bookmark | The World’s First and Fastest Ai-Powered Website Solution

Meet OpenSea | The NFT marketplace with everything for everyone

Meet Rarible, The NFT Marketplace Where Anything is Possible & All Are Welcome

A place to start something. Together ✌🏾🪑

Work in progress | Slack

Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers: A (home) movie about how Google Search works

What happens when you do a Google search?

WHAT is WordPress Caching [and HOW to use it]

Taking Managed WP Hosting to the (NEXT LEVEL)

How to Find a Niche for your Online Business

#WhiteboardFriday: How to Explain Domain Authority to a Non-SEO

Coinbase Earn: What is Algorand? (Lesson 1 of 3)

Tutorial: Getting started with Coinbase Wallet

What is low code no code

Another Generic Recruitment Video | Fiverr

Google interns’ first week

Work/Life Balance at BambooHR

HubSpot’s Company Culture

35 Reasons to Work at Discord

Building a Restaurant Site | Squarespace 7.1

Signing with PandaDoc

Plastic Credit Card

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